Unibrom is a world leader in the synthesis of specialty bromine compounds and polymer additives, as well as intermediate compounds. More than 30,000Mt of bromine is sourced from worldwide locations such as China, India, Ukraine, Jordan, providing us with a solid foundation from which we can offer a wide range of bromochemicals in research to commercial quantities.

Our largest manufacturing base is located in Weifang, on the vast plains off the Bohai Sea in China. Using bromine directly mined from local sources, our experienced engineers are able to produce high quality bromochemicals using a wide array of reactions. The vertical integration from raw material to processed compounds has made us the largest producer of brominated flame retardants in Weifang Ocean Chemical Development Zone. Using bromine imported internationally, two additional manufacturing bases located in Jiangsu Province ensure a consistent supply of quality bromochemicals for our customers.


Unibrom produces and supplies more than one hundred different chemicals in the below main categories:

Fluids Service
Unibrom is one of the most reliable suppliers of offshore and oil well services in the world, Quality drilling and completion fluids additives and chemicals that optimizes performance and safety from the reservoir to the surface.
To meet customer’s various requirement, we cooperate with our clients who consume our EcoFlame setries products in domestic, provide high performance flame retardant masterbatch for plastic industries.
Water Treatment
We integrate the latest technology and innovations into our EcoWatertech products which enables them to perform in a vast array of water environments. Our formulations are designed to achieve the specific goals of our customers and continued growth supports our position in the marketplace to provide perfect water treatment solutions
Flame Retardant

Unibrom is famous for producing superior flame retardants based on various brominated compounds. Applying our many years of experience in flame retardants, we have recently expanded our manufacturing portfolio to phosphate- and sulfonate-based flame retardants and provide customer-oriented flame retardant solutions for different polymers.

Caring for the green life,Unibrom always strives forwards through scientific innovations for farming industries, EcoAgro technicals and formulations include herbicides, insecticides, acaricides, fungicides make contribution to the farm harvest.

Polymer Additive

Unibrom is a dynamic and versatile company. In conjunction with our expertise in flame retardants, we also offer top quality polymer additives, such as antioxidants, coupling agents, light stabilizers, processing aids, and impact modifiers, which meet the highest standards and specifications to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Unibrom produces a wide range of pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates for the human and animal health industry, in accordance with GMP and API standards.
Unibrom Distribution
Unibrom also acts as an importer and distributor for some specialty products, such as bromine resource, bisphenol A, liquid sodium bromide, MMA, BMA and more. We are actively looking for distributors to join Unibrom to make our company one of most respected and well developed chemical manufacturer and distributor in the world.

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