EcoOilField Fluid Service
EcoFlame Flame Retardant
Unibrom is famous for producing quality flame retardants based on various brominated compounds.
EcoAgro Agrochemicals
Unibrom provided various Eco-friendly agrochemicals for our environment.
Eco Master Masterbatch
We cooperate with our clients to provide high performance flame retardant masterbatch for plastic industries.
EcoSorb Polymer Additive
Unibrom is one of the most reliable suppliers of offshore and oil well services in the world.
In conjunction with our expertise in flame retardants, we also offer top quality polymer additives.
EcoPharm Pharmceuticals Unibrom Distribution
Unibrom produces a wide range of pharmaceutical raw mat100erials and intermediates.
Unibrom also acts as an importer and distributor for some specialty products.
We integrate the latest technology and innovations to provide perfect water treatment solutions.

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